How to open a bottle of sake

💡👍 If you want to impress your guests, allow us to suggest some tricks for opening and serving a bottle of Sake... you'll immediately look like a pro! 😎👍 

Opening a not just unscrewing the cap! Opening the Sake and pouring it directly to serve it certainly won't alter the taste... but following small steps can make the Sake even better and even amaze your guests! 😏 

Sake is a fermented product, it could be that it undergoes a certain settling from the moment of bottling to the moment of service. Therefore, before opening, we recommend moving it gently: in fact, it should not be forgotten that sake is a delicate drink and should be treated as such. 

Better then to place one hand on the bottom of the bottle and the other near the cork, then slowly turn the bottle upside down. This simple step will help level out the taste. It's really simple then! 😃  

As always, however, there are some exceptions: Nigori sake and sparkling sake . 

Nigori is a particular type of Sake which is less finely filtered, has a cloudy and almost milky consistency due to the thicker rice particles present in the drink . These particles tend to sink to the bottom, which is why you will notice a transparent upper layer and a thicker, white lower layer. Instinctively one would think that it should be shaken and mixed .... but for a good service it is recommended to first ask the guests if they prefer it "uwazumi" (which corresponds to the transparent upper part): in this case, serve these guests first, then use the slow inversion technique, just mentioned, to then serve the other guests. 

While to serve sparkling sake , we recommend tilting the bottle slightly before opening it, then slowly unscrew the cap and stop just before the last turn, to let the gas escape before fully opening the bottle. If you want to be really perfect in the service: turn the bottle towards yourself, so that if the cork "leaves" or sake leaks, it cannot unfortunately end up towards a guest! 😵  


Easy, isn't it? A minimum of exercise was enough for us and it immediately became a good habit 😉  


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