Shaker Baron YUKIWA 50cl

Shaker Baron YUKIWA 50cl

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The first three-part shaker was patented in 1872. Previously, cocktails were mixed or poured from cup to cup until the ingredients themselves were well blended. 

This shaker consists of a metal glass, a shaker and a strainer, which is used to filter the shaken cocktails. These three pieces are easy to handle and are particularly suitable for the preparation of sparkling cocktails. While the two-piece Boston shaker is mostly common in Europe and the United States, the three-piece shaker is an integral part of Japanese bars.

It has a glossy surface and a beautiful linear shape, not only for the balanced architecture, but also for the concentric circles that surround it, both on the cap and on the lower part, giving that sense of refinement that qualifies all Japanese models.

Yukiwa products stand out for their first choice materials and inimitable shapes. The material is precisely stainless steel, light but resistant, solid and sturdy, but also easy to handle and above all dishwasher safe.


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