Natural shade BIO 50 gr
Natural shade BIO 50 gr
Natural shade BIO 50 gr

Natural shade BIO 50 gr

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Cultivar Yabukita.

Origin Japan (Kyoto).

Collection period Between April and May.

Quality of green tea First selection. Sencha tea leaves have an intense dark green and a typical pine needle shape and an intense herbaceous scent.

Brother Sencha green tea is low in theine.

Packaging Aluminum pouch with hermetic closure.

Weight 50 gr.

Green tea Sencha it has a typical herbaceous scent and a delicious flavor.

It represents the most widespread and consumed green tea in Japan and is the tea of the first spring harvest which in Japanese is called Shincha.

Sencha green tea is referred to as the "guests tea".

Advice Sencha green tea can be consumed both in the morning and in the afternoon and goes well with meals. 

Pairings It lends itself to countless combinations with food: fish and white meats (cooked in a simple and light way, grilled or grilled), legumes, steamed vegetables and sushi. It can also be used as an ingredient to flavor fish or vegetable broths, or in cooking it can be used as a spice. 

 The preparation Boil the water and let it cool down to 70 ° - 80 ° C (approximately, wait 3 to 5 minutes after boiling). The water temperature is a determining factor because it greatly affects the flavor of the tea: too long an infusion time would lead to a too bitter taste. Use 4g of tea for 200ml of water. Leave to infuse for 60 seconds and pour into the cups. The leaves can be used 3-4 more times for subsequent infusions (for each subsequent infusion, the water temperature must be higher and the infusion time approximately 1/4 lower). 


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