Roku Japanese Craft Gin 70cl

Roku Japanese Craft Gin 70cl

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Roku, in Japanese, translates as the number six, like the Japanese botanicals that make this Gin so unique. And in fact in every bottle of Roku Gin, you can savor six special botanicals from Japan for a journey through the four seasons: cherry blossoms and leaves harvested in the spring, summer green tea, sansho pepper harvested in the fall and yuzu peel in the winter.

Produced by Suntory, who have developed their own multiple distillation process as a result of the special characteristics that each botanist brings to the perfectly balanced mix of Roku Gin, experience gained over decades in producing gin (they have been producing Gin since 1936!) 



On the nose: cherry blossoms and green tea, floral and sweet.

Taste: complex, but harmonious. At the base a traditional taste of gin, but yuzu like as a top note. In addition, the sansho, Japanese pepper, brings a little spiciness to the finish. 

Alcoholic proof: 40%    

Type: Gin 

Origin: Japan 

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