Hojicha BIO 100 gr.
Hojicha BIO 100 gr.
Hojicha BIO 100 gr.

Hojicha BIO 100 gr.

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Cultivar Yabukita.

Origin Japan (Kyoto - Uji District).

Collection period Between April and September.

Quality of green tea First choice. Hojicha tea leaves are brown in color and have an intense nutty aroma.

Brother Hojicha green tea has a very low theine level.

Packaging aluminum pouch with hermetic seal.

Net weight 100 gr.

Advice Hojicha green tea is indicated to accompany meals or as a drink during the day, but also before bedtime, given the very low level of theine.

 Pairings  It goes very well with fish dishes, rice-based dishes and with shortcrust pastry and dried fruit. 

 The preparation Boil the water and let it cool down to 80 ° - 85 ° C (approximately, wait 4-5 minutes after boiling). Use 4g of tea for 200ml of water. Leave to infuse for 3 minutes and pour into cups. 




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