HARIO Drop Water Dripper
HARIO Drop Water Dripper

HARIO Drop Water Dripper

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Hario Drop Water Dripper is a cold water infuser, an alternative to quickly prepare a delicious cold coffee, with low acidity and bitterness, but with all the rich and tasty notes of the coffee you prefer. It is also very easy to use and the slim design carafe is ideal for refrigeration. 

For the preparation it will be sufficient to pour 70 g of coffee into the filter and cover with a paper filter. Add 750 ml of cold, clean water to the upper chamber, then let the water drain for about 1 hour 

It is made up of four main parts: (1) the upper water chamber, (2) the dripper, (3) the coffee holder and filter, and (4) the carafe.  It can prepare up to 600 ml of cold coffee which can be drunk fresh, with ice or even reheated.

Dimensions: 10.7cm (W) x 10.2cm (W) x 30.4cm (H) 


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