HARIO V60 rechargeable precision scale

HARIO V60 rechargeable precision scale

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This scale from HARIO in addition to having a beautiful design, is characterized by precision and reliability, very useful for those who also want to try alternative methods of infusion.

It allows to weigh with perfection tea, coffee and water, as well as counting the infusion time. Extremely easy to use, it has a glossy panel with a backlight LED which allows you to see the readings even in the dark. 

The new version features a stainless steel plate which not only looks good, but makes the scale resistant to damage or heat and is easy to clean (you can easily detach the plate and wash it separately). In addition, the rubber feet provide a stable position during operation.

Another innovation of this model is the charging via USB port. 4 hours of charging is enough for 80 hours of work and there is no need to buy any batteries.

This balance changes its accuracy as the weighed mass increases: 0 - 200 g (0.1 g), 200 - 500 g (0.5 g), 500 - 2000 g (max) (1 g). 

Dimensions: L 120× P 175× H 31 cm  

Materials: resin, steel, rubber

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