HARIO Sommelier Siphon - 600ml
HARIO Sommelier Siphon - 600ml
HARIO Sommelier Siphon - 600ml

HARIO Sommelier Siphon - 600ml

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A coffee pot full of charm, with a design inspired by the decanters used by Sommeliers. 

This coffee extraction method was invented in the 19th century and is back in vogue thanks to Specialty coffee shops, becoming a cult object for coffee-lovers.

The siphon it is composed of an alcohol stove, a glass decanter with a rubber band that allows you to serve the coffee without burning yourself, a glass element where the infusion takes place and a metal filter equipped with a Venturi valve that allows water to rise to the top without reaching the boiling temperature.

The extraction method it is as spectacular as it is fascinating, but very simple: that's enough insert the right amount of hot water into the decanter, turn on the stove, insert the upper element to which the filter is attached and, as soon as the water has risen, pour the dose of coffee and mix to create turbulence and thus avoid the temperature rises and you burn the coffee. At the end of the infusion, the heat source is removed and, by decompression, the drink will go down into the decanter, ready to be enjoyed.

There are also two different types of filters: one in metal for a fuller cup and one in cloth for a cleaner coffee. (But be careful to wash the cloth filter included in the package after each use!)

Dimensions: I 15cm x P 19cm x H 36 cm  

Materials: polypropene, stainless steel, silicone, glass, aluminum

Capacity: 5 cups, 600ml

(Include bdenatured alcohol urner - alcohol not included -)

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