🍔 Burgers and... Sake! 🍶 A perfect match. 😋🤤

😋🤤 Have you ever tried Sake 🍶 and Burger 🍔 ? This combination works very well indeed, as Sake and Hamburger share some key flavor components . 😍 And the good news is that Sake also fits perfectly with vegetarian and vegan burgers. 😜 

Sake, thanks to that sense of umami, is surprisingly versatile and goes well with many Western recipes, often even better than wine or beer. Combining foods and Sake that have a lot of umami is very exciting and can lead to pleasantly unexpected discoveries: Hamburger and Sake was a revelation and a confirmation at the same time! 

We recommend, for burgers with a richer and more succulent taste: sake like Sword of Samurai or Koikawa Beppin.


For hamburgers like bacon-cheeseburgers and also BBQ: Sake like Kuromatsu Kensbishi or Dewanoyuki Kimoto.



Or again, for burgers with white meat: a sake like Otokoyama Raijin, while for vegan or vegetarian burgers: a sake like Aratama Tsuyahime.


AND WHAT DID YOU CHOOSE? Let us know at #kitsunetrading

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