Genmaicha natural BIO 100 gr.
Genmaicha natural BIO 100 gr.
Genmaicha natural BIO 100 gr.

Genmaicha natural BIO 100 gr.

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Cultivar Yabukita (Sencha) – riso tostato (Genmai).

Origin Japan (Kyoto).

Collection period Between May and June.

Quality of green tea First choice. Genmaicha green tea leaves are green combined with caramelized rice grains and an intense herbaceous scent.

Brother Genmaicha green tea has a very low theine content.

Packaging aluminum pouch with hermetic seal.

Net weight 100 gr.

Green tea Genmaicha it's a tea "humble"but with legendary origins.

To produce it, Sencha green tea blended with toasted rice grains (Genmai) is used.

This combination gives the product a characteristic herbaceous aftertaste combined with hazelnut and rich in pleasant nuances of flavors.

 Advice Genmaicha green tea is indicated for breakfast as well as for the rest of the day; containing little theine, it is also suitable for children. It can be served as an accompaniment to typical Japanese meals. After a few infusions, the leaves and the rice itself are delicious with a drizzle of soy sauce. 

 Pairings It can be accompanied with typical Japanese meals and goes well with savory dishes. It can be eaten during meals both warm and cold. 

 The preparation To enjoy a good Genmaicha it is important that the infusions in very hot water are short: the schools of thought on the preparation of tea, which in Japan is a real ritual, recommend 4 or 5 gr of mixture for 150 ml of water to 80 ° -85 ° C and at least three infusions, the first lasting 30 seconds, the second 10 seconds, the third and subsequent 30 seconds (oriental method of multiple infusion). 

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